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Mostly hacking on #go-ssb, was involved with planetary but not anymore. Previously part of the ESC Pointerpeach #ngi-pointer project. Read about it here. Currently working for with and other related technologies.

If you like techno music, I sometimes share releases I like here and you can find set recordings here. If you want to surprise me, I regularly update my bandcamp wishlist

For mobile see updates from my @cryPhohe

PSA: I reduced this account to hops:1 a while ago. I tried to get back to a completable /public timeline.
I have a bigger hops setting on my phone so it could take a while until I see your posts/replies.

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Re: %AfPRFA+lc

I could put a lot of words around why's and but's on this topic but will try to keep it brief: Thank you for rebuilding this stuff!

I guess the gist is, go-ssb kept growing even when it was time to rethink and rebuild the layers... especially when I was working on it all on my own. It became my little playground to try implementing more and more parts of the protocol and it work for me because I knew where the skeletons are... I'm really glad to see that some of the building blocks remain useful, definitely appreciated and made my day.

What I'm not entirely clear about is how you imaging the storage system. I poked a little into the code and saw etcd's bolt fork. Is this just for the KV stuff that badger was used for or is it for all of the storage stuff? Last time I heard it sounded like you want to abstract the storage such that sqlite would still be used in planetary.

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Voted # Planetary Go Dev Diary For context I will start this update with a descr
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Re: %t06IU9daH

Looking at the new query package again, I notice it only has the operators type:xzy and author:@foo which can be combined with boolean operators to create more complex queries. So for root: %foo... you would be out of luck but it would a simple addition because that index already exists! Which I totally forgot when sending cblgh some context and ideas...

What you can do today is uses tangles.thread "%foo..." to get all the relevant messages, sorted by the previous lonks. It's supplied by this plugin. It could use more fleshed out tests and docs, though.

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Voted > @andrestaltz looking at ssb-db and deciding it didn't meet the needs of M
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Voted minor update: *pokemon battle sound* i just heard from on-the-road [@cryp

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