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Re: %6lOmZUTbz

Mine unfortunately may be in this category

@cel-desktop I didn't think of git-ssb and sbotc in that category, I think you did a great job even though there is always more that can be done.

I probably should have said "most of the SSBC Grants were never started" not "most of the SSBC Grants were never completed", because what I had in mind were those projects where someone eagerly applied, took the money, and then never showed up again. So zero sign of progress. I think completion is a tricky thing, because software is rarely "done", and putting a requirement on it being done was a bad choice for the grants. That was the case particularly for the mobile grants, where the payment was done when the project would be completed, which led to some devs working more than expected (i.e. lower hourly rate) when the actual work exceeded the predicted workload for completion.

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