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Hello Feedless community!

Today Apple approved the Feedless app and it is finally live on the App Store, just search for “feedless”, it’s the second result (there is another app with the same name unfortunately). The app should have all the features of the web version, the source code is available on

The app was built using SwiftUI, bringing a native experience that feels much better to use then the Feedless mobile website, also all the data lives in your device, not on a webserver

Still, there are some issues, although frontend is Swift the syncing and querying of ssb is done in an embedded nodejs, which crashes while syncing sometimes, closing the app. Also when minimizing the app it crashes silently sometimes as well, so you will need to force close and open it again

Having that said, I hope you enjoy this first version, any feedbacks are welcome!

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@SoapDog (SPX) Nice idea, I haven’t thought about it! I think UI would need to be rebuilt in a lot of places to take advantage of the bigger screen but it’s totally doable. Maybe in the future ;)

(reposting because didn't wanted to fork the thread)

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Congratulations on building it and passing Apple's airport-style security control! I'm also super happy that my work on manyverse was useful to reuse else, that was actually one of the intended outcomes of building manyverse, to enable other mobile apps to be built more easily, to get creative and experiment with cool ideas, and I think feedless has a cool idea (a simple proposition, made obvious in the name!). The node.js backend stack is still quite a wild dragon to tame, but not as wild as ~3 years ago. I'm also open to feedback, to hear what has been easy/simple and what has been very confusing.

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Errata: "was useful to reuse else, ..."

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Voted Hello Feedless community! Today Apple approved the Feedless app and it i
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Here's that screenshot for the butt records!


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@andrestaltz I'm very sorry, I should have mentioned you on the original post. Thank you VERY much for all your work on manyverse, I would certainly given up on trying to build libsodium and such for iOS if there was no prior art

Feedless iOS only exists thanks to your awesome work ;)

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The crashing issue is due to nodejs-mobile (we also have it in Manyverse).

Please take a look to this nodejs-mobile issue and expose your problem to see if we can help to find a solution.

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@Majo I didn’t even knew it was available for the iPad, I don’t remember enabling for it and never tested on it 😂 good to know!

I’ll take a look on the invite pasting issue!

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