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Re: %3E++5IPsL

Gosh... time is flying. So in the last two weeks we completed an implementation of ssb-http-auth-spec. The PR on go-ssb-room is here. @zelf shared a gif of it in action on here recent update. It really is quite magical to see it in action. The actual UI is already outdated but all the credit there goes to @staltz.

Since then we overhauled a bit of the invite and alias endpoints and started testing them with ssb-room-check which just uses the modules which will also be part of manyverse.

In the last week I focused on some deeper QOL improvements, mainly flash notifications and localised errors, so that you see action completed/_validation error_s on the same page you did a thing. That PR is currently sitting here.

Since monday I have been merging stuff into a working branch and testing that on a staging deployment, also started fixing websocket support so that you can use the room server from ssb-browser-core where TCP connections are unavailable due to browser being silly contorted turds.

The testing threw me back into go-ssb because I had to sanity check some stuff... If you ever worked deeper with the ssb-js stack you might have come across Error: unexpected end of parent stream.. It can be such a pain, not knowing why something is failing or closing or crashing or... anyhow. I whipped up a tunnel client and now go-ssb can join rooms, too! Will spent the other half of today polishing that new code and doing more tests between browser-core(s).

No estimates yet when we can do a bit broader testing but I feel like it might be soon(TM)

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