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Late post of #svendsolar #svendborg day 3
I ended up sleeping through most of yesterday, so the pics from Sunday are late™.

Sunday was just so awesome. I really enjoyed the talks by @cblgh, [@andrestaltz], Arj, (@QlCTpvY7p9ty2yOFrv1WU1AE88aoQc4Y7wYal7PFc+w=.ed25519), @Laatikainen and the session hosted by @Jacob!

Some pics of the day


First talk by Arj

Sami presenting his Moderator

Ow look its me, listening to the talk while recording

Wakest listening in on the presentation from the comfort of the couch

it's zelf!

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I really love all these photos! :~

Thanks a lot for sharing, I wish I was able to travel there. I'm JOMOing a bit rsrsrs.

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I'm glad this happened :)

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@Hendrik Peter IIRC you had recordings of the talks at Svendsolar? Any chance you have a version of this ready?
Keep in mind, I'm not seeking perfection in audio production, and I think most of the audience is eager enough to hear the talks that we'll do with what to your ears might be an insult. 😆

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mixing the last bits and bops!

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