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If you have just clicked a weird, long link that I sent you, and are wondering "WHERE AM I?"

Welcome to secure scuttlebutt!

You just clicked on an INVITE CODE. the first part of the url downloaded a bootstrapper from a static server. Then, the next part is a secure URL. the bootstrapper downloads it, and verifies it is correct. (it could download it from anywhere, and it would still be secure) Then the third part is a key to connect to my "pub" server. and tell it I said you where cool, and let you in to our secret clubhouse.

(okay, so I should admit that we are still building said clubhouse, and I glossed over a few things there - )

Despite appearances, THIS IS NOT A WEBSITE. This is a living breathing network. This is peer to peer. You have just been bootstrapped into the network via web technology.

Your first task, in the rudimentary prototypey state of the current client. is to figure out who you are. The web you are familiar with is organized like a property system. If you can claim a username, you "own" it. not here. here, you name is whatever people call you.
You can suggest a name, and an avatar, and we can use it. and you can rename us. This may seem unfamiliar at this point in history, but it is the natural way of the world.


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@bobhaugen Dominic sent me a private link, because the invite only works once.

I'm trying to replicate the process now on my own server.

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<3 welcome explorers

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