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Re: %4SexIxPRp

@arj you reference things having the be removed because AGPL, but there's nothing there about why. Would you mind giving us a window into the (presumably) offline / meat space processing which happened which compelled you to take those actions? (at the moment all I can feel is "we cannot use AGPL" from which I only learn that you and kyle feel constrained)

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There was no secret meeting 👻 I have only ever communicated with Kyle over github. He took the initiative to check if we are complying with the different licenses.

I don't have any grand plans for browser core. Blob-files should be moved out of that repo anyway, so the licensing is not a big problem there. I think @Kyle Maas's Development Thoughts can better speak about ssb-browser-demo that he has spent a lot of time and energy on.

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oh yeah I'm not accusing you of any secret cabal @arj. More just that I was missing stuff and totally understand how some conversations evolve in different channels.

yeah would love to hear from them. Thanks!

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