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Been iterating a lot on ease-of-authoring lately ( On top of convenient editor tooling, I'm really interested in composing the UI so that people can get a lot out of value from very little work.

One of the simplest tools for that could be a "theme" setting which injects css and js onto the page, grease-monkey style. You author unstyled html/markdown, pick a theme for your site or page, and you're set: the browser imports css & js from the theme dat. With web-components declaring new HTML tags, you'll even be able to get widgets imported from the themes. <paulstheme-recent-blogposts>, that sort of thing.

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This is really neat! Have there been any unexpected pain points? I was originally thinking that you were going to use contenteditable but a sidebar with markup seems like a great tool.

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Just the standard pain points around multi-device and collaboration. I figure WYSIWYG and GUI-based construction are a long-term goal that we hit when we're trying to expand the audience.

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