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Re: %5aAyPBdh2

Yeah I like what @cblgh wrote. add should work fine for adding messages from any feed. That is the same way it works if you get a message over the network, like with EBT. The pub that you add the message to needs to have the latest messages, but that shouldn't be much of a problem considering the pubs would be highly connected and replicate messages often.

This because the old log still exists is because:

sbot.db2migrate && sbot.db2migrate.doesOldLogExist()

meaning you migrated the old log but then you need to make the switch to only use db2, you do this by moving away your old log. Not sure what profile you are using, if you still want to use stuff like patchwork which uses db1, then you should be able to use the same add method in db1.

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