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I'm gonna chime in here too. I saw the efforts to make the column thinner early on and personally I prefer a wider column and have said so before.

Running with the more narrow column now I can confirm that indeed the design looks more consistent with what I see on my android phone. The problem I'm having with that is that I don't want my desktop apps to feel like mobile apps. I'd much prefer something that speaks the same design language and feels "unsurprising" when switching between platforms, but still makes best use of what each platform provides.

As an example, Andre and the others put a lot of work into the menu column and I think the outcome is great! It really makes the app feel like it was thought out for a desktop use case, all the while being consistent with the rest of the UI and also (barring a color change that makes sense to me) with the menu on the mobile app.
The content column change feels to me like going from that nice menu column back to a slide-in hamburger menu as is used on mobile.

I'll not dare to speak about the typography part since I know nothing about it, so I want to repeat that this is a personal preference of mine and might not generalize. I will however point out that the interaction with image previews that Andre (correctly) pointed out might be addressed differently. Off the top of my head I see at least three options:

  1. Change how the images are cropped/scaled when cards are collapsed
  2. Increase the maximum preview height (possibly only on desktop since there's more space to work with)
  3. When posts contain images, render the text and content separately, effectively creating a small text summary and then something like twitter's multi-picture preview cards.

Regardless of the content column width, I think that addressing the image handling would be a really cool thing to see. I'm sure there are more (and better) approaches than the ones I proposed.

Oh and I also want to point out that changing the column width in my local build of manyverse was pretty simple, so if people want to play with it, just change the value of desktopMiddleWidth.px in src/frontend/global-styles/dimens.ts, currently in line 60.
I played around with this, and can confirm that there is a point where the column becomes too wide. So the manyverse team is definitely right in making deliberate choices here. :)

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