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Plans for work on oasis

So I made this post about a month ago where I summarized what money we have available for oasis development and asked if anyone was keen on working on it. This is an update on what's happened since then.

We didn't really find anyone on ssb with the time/skills/energy on ssb so me and @KawaiiPunk reached out in our social circles and on mastodon and found 3 candidates that we're thinking can do this work: @Soma, @Cecilia Lindskog, and @Roxie (@darius also reached out but we felt that 3 people was already stretching it for this first batch, and encouraged him to apply later/for other ssb work). Me, kp, and @Daan have interviewed the 3 and introduced them to ssb, and feel like they'd do the job well.

What we're thinking the work will look like (and what the 3 are on board with):

  • 30 hours of work, approximately in january, approx. 10 hours per week
  • 30 USD/hour, in total 900 USD/person
    • 900 taken from the Patchwork OC, 1800 from the Patchbay OC (see my previous post for the math, the Patchwork OC will only have about 1200 left after a delayed invoice)
  • Payment will happen after the 30h are done
  • Work will be focused on issues in this barebones/1.0 milestone
  • I will try to mentor them through the more confusing parts of developing the app.
  • They will keep some kind of #dev-diary here on ssb

So I guess what we're missing now is just checking with you all that this doesn't sound like a bad idea. And especially checking with the other people who also control the funds in these opencollectives, namely @Christian, @cinnamon, and @mix.


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I don't see this onboarding risk as being higher with oasis devs than with anyone else, really.

Oasis is and stays a FLOSS app, so they don't get to "control" that in any meaningful sense, especially since the plan is not to transfer ownership of the repository or anything, just have them make some PRs.

And apart from that, they have profiles like anyone else, and with SSB being what it is, being oasis devs also gives them zero extra control.
So the risk of this, in my mind, is exactly the same as on-boarding anyone onto SSB, plus the risk of working with any new person. Frankly I'm not super bothered by the follow-bot thing (and find the wording overly dramatic) but yes, bringing people into the community is always a risk. That dev mostly hurt themselves though by getting the feed blocked a bunch. Sure, they might have benefitted from "soaking" more in the community before.

In any case, if we want to pay non-newcomer community members to do this work, we need to find people qualified and willing to do the work (at that price). And indeed that's what @Powersource tried first, with no result.
I don't think it is reasonable or realistic to expect hired devs to first "join the church of scuttlebutt" and rise through the ranks. Not if we're not willing to also pay for that time...

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@emile I appreciate you sharing that view. I hadn't seen it like this before. I think we all agree this is a departure and an experiment. We'll see how it goes. We don't have to repeat it if we don't like it. :)

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Voted ## Plans for work on oasis So I made [this post](%K+lxhXlK870neq3a5eAg5Dte
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  • Yep not a lot of time, both because we don't have a lot of money and because we wanted to keep it small as a testing-the-waters kind of thing, maybe doing larger chunks of hours in the future.

  • Yeah I wouldn't mind getting paid, my january is gonna be a bit crazy, but decided not to bring it up here (and I think one corner of my mind was hoping you'd jump in here talking about koha's haha).

  • I would like an opencollective for it too, both for this but also for donations (you were wondering about sustainability @moid), and I've reached out to @Christian about it both for approval but also practically, it seems I can't create an OC for a repo unless I have certain rights in the github org. I didn't want to rush him though.

  • Not to tokenize them too much but none of them are white guys, fwiw.

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A scuttlebuttizen responded to the call a few days ago: @Jose Fabio📱 in %SpubDdu.... Maybe they can be involved in another batch.

Thanks for doing this, @Powersource. I hope the work goes well.

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From my perspective, the main risk we face as a community is that maintainers burn out and we run out of people to help on maintenance and development. Given that your call to arms went unanswered within the community, we may have already reached that stage.

Unfortunately: this. I'm super burnt out and have been doing the bare minimum for Oasis and SSB-JS. Regarding Patchwork, I wouldn't like to support the new experimental stuff that's been added and honestly would prefer to avoid maintaining it at all. (I'm using Oasis, so it'll continue to work while I'm using it, but I'm only really updating dependencies and merging pull requests.)

I don't think I should be making this decision, and would prefer to transfer my voting power/responsibility to whoever is maintaining Patchwork. I think that's Daan and Staltz? I'm not sure, honestly.

If I was making this decision, I'd probably err toward improving the SSB-JS projects rather than Patchwork or Oasis, but it's also so hard to spend that OpenCollective money that I'd approve almost anyone with a good idea on how to spend it on things that are net positives.

Does this directly pull funds that would have been used to maintain Patchwork?

Hypothetically, yes. Practically, no. As far as I’m aware, the Patchwork money has just been sitting there unused, and even folks who contribute aren’t taking it:

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So this overall seems to be getting an "approve, with opinions attached", so we'll try to start work within the next week or two :)

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Voted [@mix](@ye+QM09iPcDJD6YvQYjoQc7sLF/IFhmNbEqgdzQo3lQ=.ed25519) * Yep not a
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@emile slower than i'd have hoped but Cecilia finished her work and has been paid, the remaining two have been given some (still soft) deadlines so that should wrap up within a month or two

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