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Re: %Wg09MB8P6

@abekonge.often SSB and hops maps very well to a mesh setting. And as Luandro said if you are on the same network then you should automatically start replication, so you don't really need pubs and I really love the idea that the social graph would map very well with the physical.

Then again it really depends on what you want to do with it, if you just want to do SSB (like patchwork) app where messages are async passed around the network and eventually end up where they need to then that should be pretty much work out of the box. If you on the other hand want to do something like being able to do an audio call through the mesh network using SSB tech on the transport layer, then that might also be possible. Something like sending binary data over EBT (which does a spanning tree in a network). Could be a very fun project ;-)

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