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Open Lunar Foundation

Open Lunar Foundation is helping to create a peaceful, cooperative future on the Moon for all life. We work on policy and partnerships that support a sustainable lunar settlement driven by open values.

@jessykate presented at Funding the Commons NYC ( %+ELehyf... ): "Network futures for the Earth-Moon System"

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@Mix Android Nice! I missed that message when searching earlier - and did not remember from that time.

My takeaway (reinforced a little by reviewing now) is that lunar issues (e.g. of coordination/cooperation, resource sharing, timekeeping, etc.) can be a kind of microcosm or focalization of terrestrial issues and/or outer space issues, and also an opportunity for experiments and fresh starts due to relative freedom from territorialism.
From the slides: "Commons governance for celestial bodies can inform commons governance on Earth (climate, internet, etc.)."
"1. Ensure space itself stays a commons. 2. Use space (the Moon in particular) to prototype."


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