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Reviving ssb-chess

Hullo! I spent the last week in spare hours making ssb-chess run as a stand-alone electron app and removed its expectation that the ssb-chess-db ssb-server plugin is available. This means you should be able to run it alongside your ssb client of choice (Patchwork, etc), providing the ssb-server inside the client support messagesByType, backlinks and links which is probably always the case at the moment for all the clients. Let me know if it's not for your client and I can think of if there's anything I can do about it.

There's windows / linux releases that can be download here: . You could also run it from source by cloning the repo and running npm install and then npm start (which would work on mac too.)

I haven't quite been able to produce macOS builds yet - currently trying to learn how to do it using travis. If someone I trust wants to produce a mac build for me until I work out how to do it using travis you could try git cloning and running npm run dist (assuming you have npm + nodejs installed) .

@Powersource 𝒑𝒓𝒆𝒎𝒊𝒖𝒎™
@dan hassan

Sorry if I neglected to @ any old ssb-chess pals :)

Dae any ae youse fancy a game? Or anyone else, of course :).

Dev diary

You can ignore this part :P.

I replaced ssb-chess-db with ssb-chess-index: which just uses ssb.messagesByType(...) queries to build up the results ssb-chess-db used to use flume indexes to build. There's some internal details that would probably stop it scaling if we end up with lots and lots of games in the database, but I doubt we'll ever hit the number of games where that's an issue. It was an issue for ssb-chess-db too. I can re-implement it in the future if it ever does become a problem.

At first I was getting strange behaviour where the observables / streams for these functions in ssb-chess-mithril weren't firing... After hours of struggle I discovered that if you try and share a sbot.messagesByType(...) pull-stream source between multiple streams, it doesn't work. This change fixed it:

I thought that a 'pull stream source' didn't contain any state and would effectively be a re-usable function that you could use as the source for multiple pull streams. I now realise they're not and it's actually mentioned on . Woops!

Also, sorry

Sorry that I just disappeared for a long time without saying anything at all. I feel pretty guilty about it. I got burnt out, had pandemic blues, then had to focus on finding a job and getting up to speed when i finally did find one... and meanwhile felt guilty about my disappearance so didn't come on (in a self perpetuating cycle.) I had been keeping in touch with some butts on signal and in a long running fairy ring though.

It's lovely to see there's still as many thoughtful and cool posts going on here, and that things are pretty vibrant development wise at the moment too.

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@SoapDog (Macbook Air M1) %1x/IJUlmys6E8Y8sCkgA5e3toP0w7bUtAXXg0olZ5+w=.sha256

@happy0 missed u my friend! :D :D :D

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@Many Gordons check out the issues on GH. There are a lot of goodies planned. :-) Soon, I hope to have it available for all the evergreen browsers.

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Welcome back @happy0 @Many Gordons! So glad seeing you active on SSB again. Feel bad about you feeling guilty. Would like to take you up on your offer of a game, but you know that I'm in the top 0.01% worst chess players in the world 😏

@SoapDog (Macbook Air M1) %q2RT3IBPIWo/y1UIw1zf03donQTEKKT5LDwUaIEjk0M=.sha256

♟ Me playing #chess

✨ opponent after moving knight: "Checkmate."
✨ me, a connoisseur: rolls d20 to attempt "save against checkmate", passed saving throw: "Not impressed."
✨ opponent: "That is not how it works?!!?!?"
✨ me: opponent hesitated, rolls for opportunity attack...

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@arj - I'd count myself amoungst that tier as well haha. Despite having did a lot of coding around chess, I'm pretty bad at the game itself :P. I've sent you an invite.

It's a good excuse for a chat in the chat box even if none of us play majestic chess :P [... Incoming meandering digression... ]. I guess chess has always been more of a social thing for me than a game I especially enjoy improving at or studying deeply. I used to go to the chess club at lunch times at secondary school (high school.) It was a big relief to have somewhere to escape the playground where I didn't feel at all comfortable - especially in my first year. Prior to getting the confidence to go there, I literally wandered the playground myself anxiously and waited for the bell to ring. For some reason my friends from primary school quickly found other cooler groups of friends and I was kind of left adrift. A year or two later I had great new friends of my own though (a couple of whom I met at the club) and I was much happier. One of them even got me into Linux, IRC, home servers and stuff :D.

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@S0ur_Patch - sent you an invite :)

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lol @SoapDog (Macbook Air) . Now I want to play chess with a D&D like system where the pieces have health and spells and a piece capture isn't necessarily successful haha :D

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@cryptix %4WAAoHpwqSG40Ik3YknvT3Y+dBQ30kOGNghHlgHr2+s=.sha256

Glad alone to see you again! Take it easy with ssb-chess, ok?

Really no need to hamster those bad feelings...

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This is great news, but was a bit hard to find since it's not tagged as #ssb-chess or #chess for me :P

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