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Re: %Zq6vr/J3C

Awesome @cblgh, this is a great way to go about engaging with comms!

  • can my ahau work that's generally useable be included in your tech overview updates?
  • how does partial replication intersect with tangles?
    • for my work I need to know I've got all the messages in a particular tangle to know the current state
  • ahau was interviewed about partial replication needs/ requirements, but we didn't really hear at all where all that time/ communication went
    • what was included/ excluded/ deferred from what was built?
  • what is the path for existing feeds which would like to leverage this partial replicaton?
    • you use different feed types?
    • can I migrate / upgrade an old feed easily?
  • does the current work support index rebuilds?
    • not sure if this is intertwingled at all with partial replication
    • need this for private groups to work
    • can we do index rebuilds BY USER?
  • do you have any sick visualisations of this partial replication stuff
    • does anyone want to do that? (I have maintenance funds I can channel to an artist/ designer)

hope my naive questions help shed light on what's not obvious from the outside!


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Voted gonna eat lunch rn so i will literally just answer the easiest question, an
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yeah we suck at comms sometimes huh - totally makes sense that with the flagship parked up, people might be confused / worried. this was always the problem with having a flagship, it validates parking it IMO. but yeah, could have done better comms

thanks for noticing that, and taking this stuff on. Keen to support and make your work easy and fun wherever possible @cblgh

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