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@Daan %8rq+RcASHY/A2b8/RCeVUSLhOONDl5n/dccYfTsshKE=.sha256
Re: %viMidm6Uz

The fact that the arm builds seem to just work now really makes me happy. It means I'll have patchwork available when my Reform arrives! Now if only my #pinephone wouild boot. It just hangs on boot, reflash to emmc or booting from sdcard don't seem to help 😢

Also @SoapDog (Macbook Air) I just got a dependabot bump notification today for electron-builder, and I haven't checked it yet but there seem to be some fixes for windows arm and the new macs. Not making any promises, but they seem to be on it, so... 🤞

And I just checked, there are no breaking changes in electron 12.0.0! Hooray!
Okay bedtime. I'll get back to all of this in the moring. Can't wait! 😊

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@Daan %uUQXdFkLAtRc7Qa+7J+SxqXjir5wlLt8mYEQ2vI2RQY=.sha256

@Dragon-Sided D

I actually just managed to get it up and running! Not sure what was happening, might be a faulty sd card (which was just external storage, so... 🤷).
But I think I lost the @Daan PinePhone 🌲📱 identity in the process... 😐

Oh well, now I can keep playing with things there. I want to see if patchwork can at least render now (the UI doesn't fit the screen but that's expected, right?
And I want to try out a new podcasting thingy as well as the in-process #libhandy UI for #gpodder.

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