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Week 2 October 2021

Base software 🤖

Operating System

Open Balena dashboard by Coolab

For the past two weeks we've been mainly focused on exploring Open Balena, and even started an open dashboard for it. We've hit many bugs, which have been slowly being discussed with the Balena community through Git issues and the forum.

We found configizer, a really cool tool that can be used to batch update configurations of running devices in our fleet. It's been helping us solve many problems that we found.


Me, Tania and @Hiure have been curating the best services from servidor-comunitário, our most used #community-server stack, and porting them to Balena. We're calling the new stack Jurebaba (mispelling of jurubeba). The services we're currently setting up are:

We'll be deploying it here at the #portalsemporteiras community network on a Raspberry 4 and will be keeping a close on it. The idea is to scale this to other #communitynetworks, so we intend to create videos with instructions in Portuguese on how to setup a community-server and configure it according to community identity and needs.

Devices 💻

We'll be testing our stack on a Raspberry 4, meanwhile @brunovianna will be testing other devices that he's acquiring such as the Banana Pi M1+.

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