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there are many things transitioning in my life right now. I don't have a german visa anymore or an apartment there, or anywhere. a period of unrootedness. at times I find this overwhelming, and try to work up the steam to imagine a clear plan, but mostly for me, I think this is just grasping. maybe at some future date I will have "four walls and adobe slats for my girls" and that would be beautiful, but for now thats not what's happening.

I'm thankful for spiritual practice which allows me to find a sense of groundedness in that which cannot be given and cannot be taken away, call it what you want. in many moments I find uncertainty mysterious and exciting instead of scary.

In the spring, I'm going to look for short-term housing in berlin, wrap up some things there, and will be assistant-teaching an online class at the school for poetic computation called Digital Love Languages

I'm looking forward to going to my sister's wedding at the end of June. I choose not to speak more about the future beyond that and am working on coming up with easy socially acceptable ways to not answer questions lol.


  • if the timing works out and we have a version of peachcloud ready, I would like to do some workshops in berlin to setup some peachcloud devices for people. these workshops could take a few creative forms, will think more on this...
  • I would like to add PeachPub to the yunohost app catalog and possibly make some youtube videos about how to set it up
  • there is a small ssb-nft project I've been thinking about still (please hold off your suspicion, until I share more in another post)

with the current uncertainty I feel, I'm not sure exactly what my involvement or strategy with scuttlebutt will look like, but I imagine many situations where I could continue to make contributions to PeachCloud and Golgi.

I'm grateful that glyph has been such a rock working on PeachCloud with such durational consistency, that I could "plug" into that work.

For scuttlebutt,
I would still love to see a client oriented around "groups", or even something like an ssb telegram clone. I still have trouble onboarding people to what's here. I still intuit my ideal internet experience looks more like topical groups with a specific purpose, even just like "events in my specific area", or "my specific research topic" or "working group", then general feeds.

so lets see what happens. I'm also grateful that scuttlebutt is a community that goes much beyond me, and that its there even when I can't offer stability.

thanks for the invocation, and nice to read everyone's thoughts and aspirations.

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