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Re: %tz/6ms3u5

First working prototype

A couple of months ago, with @andrestaltz's and @sashaw's help, I've managed to modify the still experimental meshtastic-api to run a pub/bot which publishes #meshtastic messages to SSB 🎉 Here's the repo.

Still very very crude, but functional. Really excited about the possibilities for this, such as:

  • using a #community-server running the pub to store messages
  • not needing a Bluetooth connection between phone and radio
  • using #manyverse to communicate over LoRa
  • exchange LoRa messages thru the Internet by having the pub connected to a #ssbroom

Next steps would be to reduce message sizes as much as possible, split them up, and send them over LoRa in a way that we can add them to the SSB db so that the author themselves appear as publishers. But there's still a long way to go to get there.

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