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@Luandro Pàtwy first to answer your question. SSB has always had the concept of OOO, meaning getting a message out of order. The message is valid in itself given that it is signed by the author. Interestingly if the messages themselves includes references to other messages that belong to the same subject (tangle), then you don't really need all the previous messages. This is what tangle sync is about. That is one form of partial replication. And if the messages are completely independent then getting them OOO style is completely fine.

Regarding message size I would probably look into bamboo and bamboo-rs that should work much better on lower powered devices. I believe @piet knows more about this.

I also remember that @cft had a fascinating talk on a related topic at the Basel meetup where one of his points if I remember correctly was that because the messages themselves include integrity, you don't really need it all the other layers of the stack to make sure that message are not corrupt, arrive in the right order etc. Can't find the slides now, but I'm sure he has something interesting to add here as well.

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@arj why did yall end up choosing the not to go with bamboo with ssb-db2? Was it even an option?

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@Luandro Pàtwy db2 is just a database so in theory it should support bamboo as well. We didn't want to tackle bamboo in the first part because you still need to support the old format unless you go total greenfield, which for some applications might be a good idea, but was not our goal. That messages are stored in bipf is just an internal representation to make queries faster. I like bamboo very much and would love to use that as a feed format, meta feeds has a way to encode metadata about feeds including their format type.

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This is pretty cool, @! Amazing how mature the Panda has become, and with such care and beauty throughout the whole documentation.

I've done some research on the Panda, but didn't try running anything yet. Somewhere in the docs I remember seeing browser p2p doesn't work because of limitations. But I'm guessing it works using a signaling server of some kind, is that correct? Else the demo wouldn't work.

Would you say the Panda could make the use-case outlined here possible? Using just browser-clients I guess.

Although security is not a concern within the LoRa network, we eventually would like some kind of security to enable private messaging using sneaker-nets. Could be a reason to include all the SSB overhead.

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Oh there's offline-browser-communication which really excites me.

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