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ok thinking on this more, I think I would like the community to have a conversation about "what we need" and "where we want to go". I've talked about this a little with @arj and @andrestaltz through bits of collaboration we've been doing.

we were in pretty strong agreement that at the moment it's a bit too hard for new people to get started. this problem is shaping what we're putting our attention towards



  • talking with @zelf (sorry mention not working?) about if they're interested in doing more grant writing, and how we can resource them to continue to do great work. This lead to a conversation about helping @zelf build their first scuttlebutt app, and we will generate documentation through this process
  • documenting which APIs ahau uses so arj knows what we need to be able to migrate towards ssb-db2 and meta-feeds. (see below)


  • working on mainstreaming meta-feeds, ssb-db2, and private groups (already in use, but getting them working with those new techs)
  • helping support zelf's app as well
  • working on 8k demo as a clear example app


  • working on onboarding, replication (ebt most recently)
  • fulltime manyverse atm

(I may have remembered these slightly wrong). But yeah I feel like I have a clear view of some blockers for people having a good time. Nothing that revolutionary or new - these are long standing challenges. But I feel like I want to integrate all of these things with this conversation about more reliable funding.

I want to know that we've all shared some perspectives before we funding things

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