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New Version 2021.5.2

Development - Patchfox Documentation 2021-05-18 15-32-13.png

This is a minor version just to add some more documentation to help out those who might want to contribute. Another change was replacing the ssb: schema handler with an ssb-uri2 based one.

The website is generated from the same source as the add-on, so you can browse the docs there.

Be aware that this was very rush. I just wrote all the development docs today, along the minimal docs for each package. This is not the final documentation I want, but it is better than having no documentation.

You can access the documentation by using the Help menu in any Patchfox view, or by using the Help item on the Patchfox browser action button, or by going to the website.

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Patchfox is one of the few clients who actively writes and bundles documentation with it. My English might be quite broken, but I think this is a good effort to make clients that feel more friendly and approachable.

I would like to be able to devote enough time to write these docs slowly and with more planning. At the moment, I'm doing sprints trying to write as much documentation as I can in the few hours I can spare. It takes a long time to do this right, and unfortunately I can't afford it. I still need to put most of my hours towards paying work, so this is the kind of documentation that I can come up with.

I will still work on it when I can but this might be a good plug for joining the Patchfox Open Collective. If I had more money there, I'd be able to devote more time to it.

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Damnnnn... I just implemented the cutest documentation feature, but I have already made a release today. I will keep this for the next release then, but I can't hold myself and need to share how it looks.

It is a contextual-access to the documentation. All messages rendered in Patchfox can be viewed in their raw format by using the small menu on the corner of each of them. This menu now gives access to documentation that is specific for what the user is seeing. Check it out when I select the raw format for a message of type post:

This gives the user access to help about that message type, the package that is handling it, and a view to the source code.

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I'm loving everything about this thread. Great work @SoapDog (Macbook Air), patchfox is really unique.

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