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Re: %4SexIxPRp

Where are we now

might be nice to start with a survey of where we're each currently standing:

  1. what licenses do you publish with for SSB work?
  2. why have you chosen what you've chosen?
  3. what experiences have you had as a result of license choices?

I'm going to dump a bunch of mentions here, please feel free to extend:
@arj @staltz / @andrestaltz📱 @cryptix / @cryPhone📱 @SoapDog / @SoapDog (Macbook Air) @happy0 @cblgh @Christian Bundy @mikey @piet @notplants @glyph @moid @Rabble @regular @Powersource (phone) @sami @Luandro Pàtwy
... jeez, I'm sure I've missed people, help me out

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