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I still like Patchfox's zine app a lot.

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@uncle Rodney's facebook timeline that is exactly how I run it, so that Patchfox piggy-backs onto the running ssb-server from Patchwork.

Once patchfox is running, you need to go to the Patchfox menu → Launcher,

Patchfox - Public 2020-12-17 11-53-57.jpg

or press the short cut CTRL+M on any Patchfox tab. That will lead you to the Launcher:

Patchfox - Public 2020-12-17 11-54-47.jpg

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So, I was unhappy with the CSS for the Zine app, it was a bit buggy. I replaced with something that is a bit worse, but that will become better as soon as the new masonry CSS grid template goes mainstream on Firefox. Currently, it is behind a flag, so it is only available to advanced users, people who are usually working with Mozilla will know about those flags but normal users don't.

This means that currently it will fallback to a default grid implementation. Eventually, the masonry will just work.


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