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@Anders %Fv5WqFwsRnZObU/8n09zOZ5AXtE6SH1h0BAgEztKWKQ=.sha256
Re: %4rYUo+HsL

I think there are two things here:

  • Should we use URI's for never things and try to limit @, $ and & for the classic format. This thread I think is a good example of why what would be a good idea :) I would like that the libraries we use like ssb-ref hides away this complexity if we do go down that route.

  • How do we handle things that don't neatly fit into our message, feeds, blob world. Private groups, p.o. boxes and fusion identities come to mind. Right now a private group is a message type in TFK/BFE. What is a p.o. box even? It's not really an identity, it's more like a key pair. I was having a conversation today with keks where this came up and thinking about how we categorise them will help clarify and communicate what they are.

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