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@Anders %G7lJtaqmaC3fIAZiIawu7kR2X8GYtSFBpWjVmTYUjCs=.sha256
Re: %FsOuR9ov9

@moid right, I didn't explain that very well I see. The syntax for indexes would be like this:

{ type: 'metafeed/operation', operation: 'add', feedformat: 'classic', id: '@index1', query: 'and(type(contact),author(@main))' }

So it would be specified in the meta feed what the index covers.

Tangles are a bit of a special case. If you want to exchange that between two peers then I think a better option would be to use set replication. I did a small talk for our advisor meeting about tanglesync and also wrote down some thoughts here.

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