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Responsibilities, Roles, Needs, Reailizers, Guides ...

Back in the stone-age, before bugzilla and it's ilk were born, people realized they needed issue-trackers. The problem was that different industries needed different processes - they way you deal with broken equipment in a factory is different from how you deal with broken software. Medical issues ("broken people") are obviously different from broken software. And then there's the problem of putting in a purchase requisition order to buy the x-ray scanner that would fix many problems, but requires approval via a distinct process flow. How can you automate this, without hard-coding your web-page?

The clever folks at NASA realized this was all scriptable. They were not the first, but maybe the first to open-source it. The script file was used to autogenerate web pages (this was way before css and javascript) it autogenerated source code to update a database, every time a new issue was created a new role defined, etc. It autogenerated the SQL table layouts. It was all done in lex and yacc. Very very cool, very very flexible. However, the web was expanding at light-speed, back then, and, for whatever reason, this fell into obscurity. Maybe it was overkill for what most people needed.

I super-duper strongly suggest looking into how to make the generic concept of Responsibilities, Roles, Needs, Reailizers, Guides scriptable, so that the next organization might decide, "oh hey, we don't need guides, but we do need leaky-roof building-materials purchase-requisition assistants", or something. The way I see it, you should be able to use the same software to run dentists offices and run communes. Of course, you don't want to loose focus, so the initial version should do one or two things really really well, and look beautiful. But it should be configurable .. ideally, configurabe by "power users" instead of programmers. That is, do NOT hard-code assumptions about process-flow.

Tag @bob haugen and #ssb-valueflows because this borders on generic process-flow design and implementation. The word "value" suggests that the thing that is flowing is "money". More generically, what is really flowing is responsibility, expertise, needs, time, effort, roles, training ...

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@Linas Thanks for the thoughts but could you please e.g. make a fork in the thread if you want to post a lot in it? I want to leave space for others to leave their thoughts.

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