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@dinoworm 🐛 I very much agree to what you said here. I do think that we are moving in the right direction though. I had a ESC call this weekend and after that I wrote down some thoughts very much aligned with this thread and with Bundys burn out thread. The following list is just my random thoughts, so in no particular order.

Good things

  • Working in crews over longer periods. Two recent examples of this: NGI pointer and ahau. There are several advantages to this. First of all working with lovely humans and a daily basis totally rocks. I've been really enjoying working with the rest of the NGI crew. I can see some of the same dynamics with ahau. Secondly this has allowed us to tackle some of the things that would have been impossible or lead to burn-out if done solo like private groups and db2. In the NGI pointer we will be tackling another of the gnarly bits in the JS stack, the dreaded triangle of death that is: ssb-friends, ssb-replicate and ssb-ebt.

  • Manyverse donations has allowed Andre to keep working on manyverse for a long period being paid. This is really important I think and I think it's really important that we either set aside a certain % of the open collective SSBC money or even better create a new OC for whatever client we want to promote as the boring butt client.

  • Paying people for the things we are about. The newsletter is a really important part of the community and the way @elavoie started this and later handed it over to @cblgh is something I think we should really inspire to. Also this is payed which is really important I think.

  • Making a maintainable boring butt client. I've been fascinated to see how many people started contribution to oasis. It's really a testament to a really good foundation that @Christian Bundy has established. Also that we have had multiple people working on in. Both payed and not payed.

  • ssb-js another one of @Christian Bundy great ideas. I think we need go through all the modules on ssbc and move them over and deprecate SSBC. Either that or clean up the people there and move a lot of stuff to ssb-unmaintained. ssb-junkyard was a great first step in cleanup up stuff.

  • is really great in that we finally have decent documentation and not only for js but also for rust and go. It complements the protocol guide well I think.

  • is pretty great as well. Kudos to the people that made it. It could use and update though.

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