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Why is p2p a good match for data sov?

If you want to be self-sovereign, then you need to run your own infrastructure. We've assessed other current systems (e.g. murkutu), but saw some challenges with these approaches were:

  • requires you to run a server - probably specialised physical hardware
  • you need a tech expert to maintain infrastructure
    • physical hardware
    • software
  • single point of failure
    • if there's a natural disaster/ hardware failure, then you lose all your records
    • some systems run an offsite backup, but that's only a bus-factor of 2, and requires more specialist maintenance

We looked at p2p databases because although more experimental, it hard special affordances.
What we've learnt is that building on p2p is much slower. But it's also enabled different guarantees, and the subjective, communal nature of the data in such a space seems to work really well with the context.

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