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Good questions @cblgh!

do you have a rough timeline / time allocation (other than the already mentioned ~FT) in mind? e.g. 1 person @ full time for 2 months

I'd like to start working on database compactions as soon as possible, but that probably means first we find some full-stack developer to work on Manyverse. It could take a while to find someone who: (1) is interested and available for 60%+ full time, (2) is comfortable or willing to debug issues in Electron, Android, iOS, (3) aligned with SSB principles, (4) accepts the payment terms from Manyverse's open collective (i.e. freelance, not employment, and roughly 2200€/month). Powersource was the first person I asked, but his time availability is quite limited.

Timeline would probably be at least 6 weeks, maybe up to 10 weeks.

do you have a rough budget range in mind? knowing estimates of these probably makes decisions easier :)

At 22€/h, the 6–10 weeks translates to 5000€–9000€.

posting about the fundraising need in the ssbc newsletter could help spread awareness! similarly so via e.g. manyverse twitter or other prominent channels

Yes! I tweeted yesterday and some ~5 people started donating recurrently. That's going to help at least better fund the Manyverse developer.

maybe this is a decent use case for trying to fund it via e.g. gitcoin?

Maybe I missed the opportunity when they ran that quadratic funding thing with Open Collective. (I missed it back then because Manyverse was not on Open Source Collective, it was on Open Collective Europe). I took a look at their page now and didn't find anything similar to that campaign they ran back then. Right now they have "grants" which seem to be like "Open Collective" but with crypto being the only way of receiving funds. I know that money in crypto now is EsSeNtiALLy rAiNiNg DoWn FoR fReE but actually dealing with declaring taxes with crypto is a pain in the ass (in Finland), especially if the crypto is received freely as a gift or donation, and I'd be super happy to not declare crypto taxes anymore. It basically subtracts from my time that I could be productive elsewhere. (I once spent nearly 4 full days on understanding crypto taxes in Finland)

maybe there are other companies


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