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Here are some instructions for getting everything running if you want to help provide benchmarks from your machine of the scuttlebot tests.

Clone the following 4 repos:

git clone ssb://%ZjxP02wfmuYPQ5+ye+M3yoszJ14rJbZDwATdJ9vTWqk=.sha256 benchmark-ci-runner
git clone ssb://%hIQh8Z+q4I8qCARgQsIsiOp4UQHp7U90XqeTFelFo7k=.sha256 benchmark-ci-visualizer
git clone ssb://%r/fZCmbP0wbCqwPvONg1np7WD1UvvQh5yt3P0CoIDPw=.sha256 bench-ssb-share
git clone ssb://%ojQGCYUpXg0KPz8y1ou+m6XzCz/89O26QepBrv8vKjM=.sha256 benchmark-ci

Then step into benchmark-ci-runner, fire it up with npm install && ./node_modules/.bin/nci. http://localhost:3000/ should now be available. From there you can start the bench-ssb build. Please note it will take a while to run, you can follow the progress in the console output.

After the benchmark finishes you can parse your results and put it into the right folder structure inside bench-ssb-share with:

../benchmark-ci/ data/projects/bench-ssb/workspace/ ../benchmark-ci ../bench-ssb-share/ <YOURID>

You can visualize the results with benchmark-ci-visualizer. And don't forget to commit and share your results! :smile:

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