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I’m concerned that we are both not identifying the immediate cause; and the root cause.

on improving Scuttlebutt, "how hard could it be?"

hi 🐛

from my experience, i've seen so many butts burn out due from Scuttlebutt's broken developer foundation (lack of specs, mad science reinventions, accrued technical debt, etc), or said another way: the mistaken belief that making (minor or major) changes to Scuttlebutt will be easy. unfortunately, to do anything in Scuttlebutt (even adding a minor feature, or fixing a little bug) requires yak shaving, which is made worse when all the code is split amongst dozens of tiny modules with deep dependency trees. ( %B1ZgTyZ... )

in my mind, the only way out of this mess is to collectively commit to and focus on a clear goal: improving the root foundation on which Scuttlebutt is built, so future Scuttlebutt developers can be happy building apps and things. so far we've been stuck trying to iteratively improve Scuttlebutt, and so far most of our efforts have failed. until we fix the Scuttlebutt developer experience, i think we will continue to see new contributors with bright eyes and bushy tails be in pain trying to add a good-natured user-facing feature, while old contributors who are jaded leave with the only knowledge we have (as how Scuttlebutt actually works is still mostly undocumented).

i do think the underlying protocol of Scuttlebutt is really great, and worth keeping, but we really need to think about what battles are most important to fight. i reckon we're trying to fight every battle and thus losing. i think we should focus on our replication (and maybe our database), and give up on everything else. for example: why do we need to re-invent social media within our messages, why not adopt ActivityPub? why do we need to re-invent our own app themes, why not adopt Microformats? and don't get me started about muxrpc.. 😺


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