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Finally fixed this profile... first things first: #go-ssb

I see a lot of people trying it out now.. I wish this were the case while I had lot's of time to work on this...

I tried very hard to get something semi-stable as the NGI Project was wrapping up but there was a lot of rush and things might have slipped through the cracks...

Not sure where to put this PSA but against all hopes I'm really not in the mind-space to work on code after hours with my new day job and the pandemic really doesn't help either. In my free time I'm trying very hard to stay away from code related things and go-ssb is one of the many things that's suffering from this.

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I know the feeling when you want to support something but don't have the time to. I think it may feel like bad news, but there is also a really good news here too: #go-ssb is solid software and has a promising future, and people recognize that. So one thing you can take away is that your work on go-ssb all these years is paying off.

It might be just a matter of time until we figure out how maintenance/progress is going to look like, and who is going to do that. Don't feel pressured :)
And to community members: don't create pressure. :D

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I think it'd be great if we had enough money in the ssb community to fund @cryptix to work full time on go-ssb. It clearly worked well when he was working under NGI to make go-ssb a platform for the larger ssb community to build on without the specific pressures of planetary's needs. I'm glad we were able to support the development for over a year, and still happy with go-ssb as the core we use for planetary, but much more happy to see it getting adoption and support more widely.

Since planetary has gotten some more funding, we've hired Filip Borkiewicz to contribute to go-ssb and help us with how planetary uses it. He starts next month, and i'm sure will introduce himself on here and start following folks. He made some minor PR's already to go-ssb-rooms.

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I’m just getting to know go-ssb, but I am so glad it exists! Thank you for all the effort you have put into it cryptix.

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