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Re: %QNJE6OcJ7

@Luandro Pàtwy thank you very much. So heartwarming to hear ❤️

For ssb-room see this. Cryptix is are working on rooms 2 in go where web sockets should be enabled by default :)

mDNS: not sure if that ever made it into a web standard or not, I know they have been putting a lot of stuff in the browser including bluetooth.

private groups: Working on that, we ran into a problem with trying to generate a dataset that includes private groups. Currently we are quite busy trying to make the new database work in manyverse. Once that settles I'll cycle back to that. Basically it should be working, but we need proper full tests.

mobile: yeah, I sadly did not have time to fix that before the talk. Now that it done I'll get that working because I've been using the browser on my phone as well before.

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