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Re: %ypn22tmSR

OK, nothing special happened yet. Music is not in my CopyLaRadio Jukebox yet.

I must ask it with #hashtags in message... Then sbotc (on my Pub) monitor messages and copy link with #youtube-dl or #spotdl pip3 install spotdl

Let's say, I write in my message:


OK, the job could be easily done.

The problem is that this copy will be on my Pub. For my Jukebox to get it, a Pub's post could make it.
But, it would be a bad idea to store copied file as attachment in "ssb chain" or I will saturate all my friends disks... We could use ipfs for its deduplication and #libp2p magic


How to copy and share music with my friends without poluting the network?

An idea...

  1. "Pub" and "Jukebox" are in an ipfs #swarm.
    One detects #audiodl command, and copy file to mp3.
    Then it generates some crypto keys and apply them for sharing securely.
  • a pass to cypher file (into file*) and ipns key to publish
  • "Read" access is avalable to any accessing pass** (crypto with friends pubkeys running Jukebox in swarm)
  • "Write" access is available to any accessing ipns, could make same ipns** with other pubkeys that could need write access, don't know why, but possible...
  • Pub add signed ipns* with Pub privkey for others to be sure good Pub is acting.

Pub then "ipfs put" a directory with file + pass's + ipns

  • clear text metadata (photo, links, artist, song, audiofingerprint, ...) needs sha256 there to protect and index?

After that, Pub post a message/response with "#audiodl-done ipns" link in it

If, only one Pub have write access (./keystore/ipnsprivkey), I think about using #darkcrystal mecanism with friends to save ipns keys and be able to restore it. Or is it better to distribute write access by letting ipns keys to other Pubs? I still don't know how to use #dark-crystal yet (CLI example please)...

  1. Any Jukebox, with pass** good key match can "ipfs get" and read file...

It is only a draft, but Pub/Jukebox #trick is done?!
Must open that thought to #collectiveintelligence #brainstorming #distributed-mind

How to include economic and reward the artist?

In fact, that idea comes from the actual project I am working on. Willing to extend G1 access to everyone, it starts with wallets sms control #g1sms then paperwallets #g1billet, and now #zentag a kind of #duniter sidechain making kind of #lightning-network services, but based on Zen instead of Gas.

I am finishing the prototype running on #raspberrypi connected through ipfs swarm and making accounting with Zen wallets (same system as above, but file have just a number in it)... We should use it for managing quick markets transactions during #festijune begining of march in #toulouse

Work in progress...

@Fred %sMTwEFTRSTgqV/8k2lGBVeJ2K8OkmpXvvaNhNsPqGGI=.sha256

@poka voila peut-ĂȘtre comment lancer une copie ygg2ipfs ?

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