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After additional meetings Nicholas had with Mix and me, the Assumption Mapping is complete! We now know the scope of Groups, such as the technical limitations, UI requirements and data requirements, the target audiences, as well as what is out of scope. The next steps for design are to study and design the flows that users will go through when joining and interacting with groups.

On the technical side, Mix and Arj made a first draft for the structure of metafeeds and subfeeds to support groups to replicate. They made a diagram and wrote down the step-by-step pseudocode for Alice to invite Bob to a Group.

Diagram showing a root metafeed pointing to a groupsRoot sub-metafeed

On the coding side, I've been continuing the refactor of ssb-db2. I also made improvements to ssb-keys and bipf, adding new helper APIs to those. It's still a lot of mess to untangle, and although I'm making progress, I'm not sure it's the best design. One constraint that we settled on is to not support lipmaa links, because those require a whole lot of "looking backwards" logic that will make the code more complex. So bamboo is ruled out, for now. I'm just trying to find a sane structure of adding feed formats, and the scope currently is classic, bendybutt-v1, and buttwoo-v1. The feed formats you'll be able to add are many, but they have to follow some strict requirements.

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