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Re: %AQNGc9G+6

Another week, another update.

Over the last week we merged a PR so private box1 unboxing is now working. I also did some experiments with private groups. Did a PR for sharing log streaming across multiple indexes that made indexing a bit faster. Then we merged some PRs to use prefix indexes that Andre has made, this had a significant impact on the storage requirements. Meaning index space for 1.4 million messages is roughly 80mb now. My .ssb flume folder of roughly the same things:

du --si ~/.ssb/flume/*
316M    /home/arj/.ssb/flume/backlinks-6CAxOI3f-
29M    /home/arj/.ssb/flume/clock
63M    /home/arj/.ssb/flume/feed
95M    /home/arj/.ssb/flume/keys
17M    /home/arj/.ssb/flume/
3,2M    /home/arj/.ssb/flume/last.json
413M    /home/arj/.ssb/flume/links
480M    /home/arj/.ssb/flume/links2
123k    /home/arj/.ssb/flume/private-6CAxOI3f-
233M    /home/arj/.ssb/flume/query
23M    /home/arj/.ssb/flume/time

So to sum up, we have close to constant overhead for private messages and indexes.

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