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Re: %AQNGc9G+6

Ugh, so patchwork tells me it has been 2 months since the last update. Summertime took a good chunk of that. Was good spending time with family in the 🌞 🏖️

Anyway so what has been up. The last weekly meeting was more or less exactly 2 months before the deadline so with that in mind we decided to reduce the scope of the partial replication a bit in order to get something working properly instead of a ton of half-working code. This means we will be focused on only doing indexes for you own main feed. Another one of the motivations is that manyverse on the desktop has been moving steadily forward and with that, the need to index other peers feeds decreases quite a bit. Adding a new feed format is a ton of work, its pretty crazy actually. I have come to appreciate what can be build using meta feeds, not only for partial replication. The remaining tasks that we are working on in JS land is in this repo. The major tasks left are:

  • finalize meta-feeds module including validation
  • finalize bendy butt support in db2
  • feed replicator (to use the indexes)
  • netsim simulations of different scenarios for performance and cross platform testing
  • example applications

I'm really happy that we can start sharing more code between ahau and #ssb-ngi-pointer. I recently refactored some of the code from ssb-tribes out into a separate module called ssb-private-group-keys and ssb-bfe spec has been getting a lot of attention to make sure if it something we can use in both projects. This means box2 support in db2 got a lot closer to becoming reality.

Lastly I'm working on a example application that will be showcased at #svendsolar 🦀 using meta feeds to build fun stuff that is not directly tied to the ssb social app use case. More on that later. Currently in ⌨️ 😼 mode.

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