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Demoed the 8k demo an hour ago at #svendsolar


8K demo is an example SSB application running purely in the browser using ssb-browser-core. The aim of the application is to showcase some of the things we have been building during the ngi pointer grant.

8K demo works by allowing users to create their own applications and share these together with the data to other users connected to the same room. The name 8k comes from the message size limit, meaning applications can be no larger than 8192 bytes and demo refers to the golden demoscene days were packing a ton of stuff into a tiny file was an art in itself.

8K demo uses meta feeds to store information in different feeds. By doing so allowing for partial replication by selectively downloading the feeds of a peer you are interested in.

There are some sample applications here for inspiration of what can be build including a news app and mixtape built by @SoapDog

You can try it out here.

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