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Re: %ZemQU7U3+

It's open source, and the branch is on github:

We will be sending it to TestFlight beta testers for a few days before we release it to the appstore. If you want, we can add you to the team testers, it's where apple review doesn't need to be done in order to send you the TestFlight builds, we just can't add many people to that. At the moment the new version is both brilliant and buggy. Upgrading by resyncing all of your content from peers sometimes gets stuck. Sometimes the explore tab works great, and sometimes it has some sql errors. The processing of getting this upgrade done and out the door has been super frustrating for the entire team.

We've still not mapped out how to implement a machine learning algorithm for feeds instead of sql, but the plugin system should make it possible.

In addition to the new feed sorting algorithms, i also really like the follow messages to help you find people.


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