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@browser arj GOTCHA! Thanks for the speedy reply.

Is there a minimalist sample available I could look at? I'm keen to add support for it on Patchfox.

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@browser arj Actually, I have some doubts... how does it peer? Does it connects to pubs only? There is no broadcast on the browser....

I really need to check that more closely, I understand very little about it.

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@browser arj I guess it can be done with ssb-browser-core and some copy & paste & refactor from ssb-singleton-setup.js.

I'm adding this to the backlog of Patchfox, it will be done alongside the support for multiple identities outlined in the thread about the new funding request. I should have phrased that as multiple server connections instead of multiple identities, basically it is Patchfox connecting to more than one ssb-server at the same time and using different identities for each server.

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@browser arj this is the next work I'm doing. I might need to ping you for help in the future. :-)

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@SoapDog (Macbook Air) note that the latest version of ssb-browser-core should be much closer to a vanilla sbot with db2. The only diff should be the singleton.

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And if you have any questions, just shoot :)

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