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To put some data into context, here are two important charts from


Who emits the most CO2? A Treemap chart from Our World in Data showing countries and their emissions

Relative growth of emissions from 2015 to 2020

Change in annual CO2 emissions. An XY chart showing how much emissions have changed over the years

If you combine these two above, you get this (which I quickly made in Krita, don't judge it accurately):

A combination of the two previous charts, where we see in the treemap rectangles how much each country is growing or reducing emissions

The elephant in the room planet is really China, not only is it the highest polluter, it is on a growth trajectory. EU is doing the best of all, but I honestly believe it could do much more. But this is beside the point. Even if the EU does phenomenally, the elephant in the planet is still there. Something has to be done about China, and it's not that their emissions come only from exporting products to the rest of the world, China also has a lot of consumption-side CO2 emissions, see and this paragraph:

Whilst China is a large CO2 emissions exporter, it is no longer a large emitter because it produces goods for the rest of the world. This was the case in the past, but today, even adjusted for trade, China now has a per capita footprint higher than the global average (which is 4.8 tonnes per capita in 2017).

I am not using this as an excuse to not do more, I would love to know what I can do about China. I am clueless what can an European citizen do, apart from reducing consumption of Chinese exports (which we know won't be a game changing action), to truly make China take a U-turn? What can even Chinese citizens do, given that freedom of protest is virtually none? (Bear in mind that Chinese citizens are currently starving because of a week-long Covid-19 complete lockdown where people can't even go to the groceries to buy food) What can be done?

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