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Re: %ZAJpBnWgG

Pretty cool to see that PicoPub (which I closed down about 1.5 years ago) has slowly crawled back into the main network graph (meaning that a fair amount of users that connected to the pub has integrated strongly into the greater community around me; pretty cool! the active users weren't alienated to a corner of the network when i shut the pub down). the pub also connects to a lot of users that are either as old as the pub itself or up to 2 years younger (pretty much till the day invite-codes became a secret).

not sure if I can draw conculsions from that, but PicoPub probably onboarded a fair few users :).


It's sad but also pretty cool that we'll probably never get stats on the performance of rooms (since rooms don't create relations, follow people, etc in the same way).

I'll dive a bit into making Gephi files when ssbdb2 comes out to see if I/we can detect more "islands" in the SSB-room era ;)

Thanks Andre for making such an amazingly cool tool allowing me to make these fancy graphs!

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