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Re: %qPgEBZHnA

@arj here's what I've found ahau is using sofar which we'll need to migrate. As expected, it's mostly ssb-tribes functionality:


  • mutations

    • create
      • publishes a group/init (includes groupKey), persists groupId, groupKey, authors
      • can also mint a poBox for the group, publishing a group/po-box msg
    • subtribe.create - creates a new group and links it to another with a link/group-group/subgroup msg
    • invite - publishes a group/add-member message
    • link.create - links your feed to a group with link/feed-group msg to set up a "personal group"
  • queries (use

    • list - list all tribes you have keys for
    • poBox.get - looks up the current poBoxId connected to a groupId
    • findSubGroupLinks - look up links from a group to subgroup(s)
    • subtribe.findParentGroupLinks - look up links from a group to parentGroup(s)
    • findByFeedId - look up groups that have been linked to a feedId
  • encryption

    • box/unbox P.O. Box messages (the new DM on the block)
  • listeners (use ssb.messagesByType)

    • new group/add-member msgs - triggers groupId/Key registration, rebuild
    • new group/po-box msgs - triggers poBoxId/Key registration, rebuild

ssb-ahau (graphql api)

  • using to list all sorts of records
  • listener on new messages to invalidate record cache
  • using ssb.status (or progress) to display in UI if rebulding/ indexing for a long time


  • find method contains a flumeview-search index over profile preferredName, altNames fields
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