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SSB Browser 5.0.0

This is a rather big release. Most of this stuff was done by @Kyle Maas's Development Thoughts. It's be really good to see a new person come in an become so productive within such a short time. It wasn't more than a month ago that 4.0.0 was released and now we have another major release with more than 250 commits.

Some of the new things are ability to add reactions:


A group feature where you can put people into groups and easily see only messages from people in that group. This is saved in local storage because it is still being tested, but this is by far the feature that I'm most excited about


Better notifications (a feature from patchbay) where if someone writes a comment to a thread you wrote or commented in, it will show up.





New features/enhancements:

  • New groups tab
  • New Channels tab
  • New Settings tab
  • Themes
  • Add ability to add reactions to posts
  • Filter preferences on the Public tab are saved
  • New filter for favorite channels
  • New filter for channels to hide
  • Public messages can now be posted to a channel
  • Connections now shows peers by name
  • New onboarding screen
  • User-friendly Markdown editor
  • Profile pages now have "Send Message" buttons
  • Channels can now be replied to directly
  • Internationalization support
  • Japanese translation
  • Pirate translation
  • Allow for message titles in Public messages
  • Autorefresh feature for Public messages
  • Include replies to threads in Notifications
  • Suggest profile names when typing @ in an editor
  • When a user is blocked, we now delete their messages from the database
  • When easily available, thread titles are displayed for reply messages
  • We now use ssb-friends instead of the old custom profiles index

Bug fixes:

  • Lots of performance optimizations from arj03
  • Clicking Disconnect now forgets connections so they don't try to reconnect
  • When changing pages, the page title is updated, making browser history useful for back/forward
  • Update dependencies
  • Multiple fixes for pagination
  • Display error to user if they exceed message size limits, rather than just failing on the console
  • Get rid of the chloride errors which always showed up on page load
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@luandro %Maj+47MeljEj9HcvOZO3HmO4+RPePv8cdHhxDPP+HFw=.sha256

This is amazing work, great job @Kyle Maas's Development Thoughts! Testing it now.

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@Rabble %4zQOYm0xmiF6y7R7RJ+J24Y2zgFt1IsML28Uy7r/P8g=.sha256
Voted # SSB Browser 5.0.0 This is a rather big release. Most of this stuff was d
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@luandro %scy+9RsKBaPpvZkdBuX5sB5k0c3I1pxrxhCoYlDf5qo=.sha256

You're right Kyle. @arj has really done an amazing job on this tool. I believe it'll help make SSB much more accessible and discovery much easier, at least thinking about low tech communities.


  • The use of VueJS makes tweaking the UI a breeze 😊
  • Love the overall on-boarding experience: easy to understand, loads fast, easy to connect to a room/pub 😊
  • My ssb-room gives me a net: address, but ssb-browser need ws: , how do I get the right address? ℹ️
  • Is it possible for mDNS, or any local network discovery to happen? ℹ️
  • Excited about the groups feature, any plans on supporting private-groups? 🔥
  • Love the filtering 🔥
  • Love the ability to change caps key 🔥
  • Love all the theming and personal configuration options 🔥
  • The connections tab doesn't show on mobile ❗
  • The searchbar doesn't show on mobile ❗

💓 💓

@Anders %KRboQqCKE0Ib0L35bIdfvjHJm0oT5D2qfnS0FRfNB9c=.sha256

@Luandro Pàtwy thank you very much. So heartwarming to hear ❤️

For ssb-room see this. Cryptix is are working on rooms 2 in go where web sockets should be enabled by default :)

mDNS: not sure if that ever made it into a web standard or not, I know they have been putting a lot of stuff in the browser including bluetooth.

private groups: Working on that, we ran into a problem with trying to generate a dataset that includes private groups. Currently we are quite busy trying to make the new database work in manyverse. Once that settles I'll cycle back to that. Basically it should be working, but we need proper full tests.

mobile: yeah, I sadly did not have time to fix that before the talk. Now that it done I'll get that working because I've been using the browser on my phone as well before.

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@farewellutopia %+Hu72jt1ad3jiY4lRz3CjewMavNBqwdWpsxQMPXxOC0=.sha256

Really impressive work!

I was trying to add ws support to What looks really promission is that now two invite-codes are being shown. The code ws:// is accepted in the browser app, and it shows up as connection temporarily and then disappears and re-appears but I don't see any data going over the port and no other indication that it actually connects.

This is how my config looks like:

  "connections": {
    "incoming": {
      "net": [
          "port": 8008,
          "host": "",
          "scope": "public",
          "transform": "shs"
      "ws": [
          "port": 9999,
          "host": "",
          "scope": "public",
          "transform": "shs",
          "external": [
          "http": true
    "outgoing": {
      "net": [
          "transform": "shs"

The port 9999 is forwarded to the container.

Can you see what I'm missing?

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@farewellutopia %U/PfBgl9FSHC3r5roZ3mzx1Kkg08NnN5XZnSY3rXU4s=.sha256

Thanks @Kyle Maas's Development Thoughts

Unfortunately event with the fixed invite code I don't seem to actually join the room (I should see my main account there).


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@Anders %E47w4mnh+WQhhk5iKcfC8wn1ioqojy95m++KxZTizOE=.sha256

The method:partialReplication,getFeed is because partial replication only works between nodes that support it. Meaning only my pub right now and then other browser demo clients. In about 2 months we'll be start on a proper implementation of partial replication that will also work in the go ssb server and other clients like manyverse.

@farewellutopia %LE/gxGpfqZIdp2RZKPKarcSMt356KxJc8aa9z6TAjAA=.sha256

@Kyle Maas's Development Thoughts I just tried to update to the latest image of ssb-room, it somehow doesn't seem to work: It would be great if you could publish so that the container no longer needs adaptations after creating it.

@arj, I'm not sure what the consequences of this are. Will it just revert to full replication or can ssb-browser-core only be used with peers that support partial replication?

@Anders %on1/ZlTDH2fhxq+MGl4/dPlhQMqI5MlehjLOwzzYF4c=.sha256

@farewellutopia it just means you can't onboard against a normal ssb client. But after you are onboarded, then normal replication works fine against normal clients because that uses EBT. As said as proper solution is in the making, this is all just a hack I did to test the performance of this kind of approach.

@Luandro Pàtwy mobile is now fixed in latest master. I want to land a few more fixes and then do another release in the coming days.

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@luandro %pES4pZoUM4gYDsRKQ0idyFer/aWXf8S5BPoEARZoDXQ=.sha256

@arj @Kyle Maas's Development Thoughts Would it be possible to setup a Crowdin (or similar), to make it easier to add translations?

@Anders %aDqdKCQwOmqrXlVHmV41vwG1x385FXfx15cimNmbfTI=.sha256

@Luandro Pàtwy sorry for the late repy. If it is something that will help I can try requesting a license.

@luandro %xx1KUW2MBh4tXLqc0nUgJgW3hj+Ci1zGToh8Canpdi0=.sha256

No problems @arj. I'm pretty sure you can setup a single project for free without a license. But translations aren't so complex yet, just thinking for longer term. Hope to add Portuguese soon anyways ;)

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