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:key: ssb-keyring

A JS library extracted from ssb-tribes which is useful for persisting and synchronously querying for encryption keys.

Extracting it was following a pattern @arj started by extracting ssb-private-group-keys/. It feel really good to give this module some space .... I've expanded it into clearer domains and broken the tests out to match those domains.

It was also motivated by the drive to add "P.O. Box" keys to this store without it becoming a total mess. This is part of a bigger epic for #ahau - Subgroups. Our first feature that we're driving towards is kaitiaki-only subgroups, with the added functionality:

  • people can send messages to the kaitiaki (without being part of their group)
  • people can share maintenance of personal details (e.g. home address) with kaitiaki
    • this is a feature I'm pretty excited about. The intent is this offers privacy from the general group AND transparency so data you've shared is still "yours"


  • kaitiaki - guardian
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