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Work in Progress for version 2021.2.1


I apologise for the amount of deep development topics in this changelog. I try to describe the changes in terms of their high-level impact and usability, but during the making of this version there were so many silly gotchas, that to document everything I had to resort to tech speak.

  • npm scripts: The copy:docs script was wrong and was not copying root files. Patched many of those scripts.
  • Spectre.css: Browserify was borking the import from node_modules/, so I made an extra copy:spectre-icons-css script that copies it to the default theme directory, and patched the SCSS code to import from there.
  • NPM flamefest while updating: 😤 A gazillion errors happened when trying to bring dependencies up to date...
  • Zine: The old masonry grid was buggy. Unfortunately Firefox is yet to support grid-template-rows: masonry;. So I'm using a fallback to CSS Grid, and left the masonry grid template in place. I expect support for that CSS will arrive shortly since it is already possible to use it in Firefox if you switch some internal flags in about:config.
  • CSP: Had to change the CSP for the add-on to support unsafe-eval because ssb-gatherings uses Function(). Mozilla will probably complain and reject the add-on because of that. I might need to revert this and remove some of the gathering features.
  • SSB: My SSB abstraction library uses ssb-client. Unfortunately, browserify is non-deterministic and was failing to build a working ssb.js. The only way to make it work, was to fork ssb-client into ssb-client-for-browser and remove all MultiServer plugins except the WebSockets one.
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I'm still working on this new version, this is just a summary of the work in the last two days.

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