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This major version change brings a couple new features :

  1. persistence of push state
  2. blocked from adding blobs of size >= your configured max

(1) is basically important in that if you attach something while offline and restart your app, it makes sure when you are back online later that your blobs.push requests will pick up and continue. NO MORE MISSING BLOBS!

(2) is an opinionated (breaking) change and stops the annoying edge case where you attach a file thats 7MB but then no-one else can see it ... and no-one gets any warnings anywhere. Now you will get errors if you try and attach something bigger than others will replicate (assuming you're using the defaults or the same app with same config).

In future we can add maxAdd and maxReplicate for finer gainer asymetric control, but not now

I've also done a large refactor of the tests and the code to make it easier to read and maintain.
I hope to not have introduced bugs 013.weedle.gif

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I documented the friggen API


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Thanks, Mix!

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