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Here’s a bottle in the sea for people from #NewZealand, especially if there’s anyone from #Northland - I’m looking for a place to live and finding it very difficult, there’s nothing at all available in #Hokianga for example, and very little in general in the #FarNorth and #Kerikeri area (thanks late stage capitalism, speculation, and airbnb!), so I’m thinking maybe it’s about who you know? I’m keen to look at any house or even land I could lease and put a removable #tinyhouse on it?

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To clarify, this is for renting, I can’t and wouldn’t want to participate in the speculation…

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Mix Android I am

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I’ve got a friend who’s got land with a tiny house near #Hokianga. I think he’s renting the main house on Airbnb but I’m not sure. It’s a big place and maybe he’d be up for a renter bringing their own place or renting the house out longer term. Msg my patchwork ssb account Rabble for an intro.

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