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Re: %uv7VjUkce

Seems like the last two bugfixes made a big difference so here we go.


Groupies is a tech demo showcasing private groups for SSB running directly in the browser using ssb-browser-core with no installation required. The demo is a primitive chat application that uses meta feeds to split each group into their own feed for each node. This means that you will only store data for the groups you are a part of. Furthermore the classic follow/block paradigm is used for replication within a certain hop distance. Data is transferred between nodes via a rooms server. This is just meant as a tech demo, I don't plan to keep developing this. Use cabal if you want a offline-first chat application.

What I'm almost most happy about is that this uses ssb-browser-core 13 where I removed most of the stuff that made browser-core different from the normal ssb stack. It's also pretty snappy, give it a try :-)

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